INTRODUCTORY - covers salvation, water baptism, prayer and other basic topics 

CHRISTIAN LIVING I - deals with discouragement, doubt, guilt and discipleship 

GOSPEL OF JOHN - a chapter-by-chapter study of the Lord's ministry and teachings 

ACTS I - chapters 1-12; detailed coverage of the supernatural workings of God in the Early Church 

ACTS II – chapters 13-28; covers the life and missionary journeys of Paul 

GALATIANS- presents insight into grace versus the law 

PHILIPPIANS, COLOSSIANS & PHILEMON - gives the background of these epistles and a study in each chapter 

HEBREWS & JAMES - an excellent study of each chapter as well as an overall view 

EPISTLES OF JOHN & JUDE - a careful study of all four epistles with special attention given to John's emphasis on love and fellowship 

EPHESIANS - takes the believer on a journey into the promised land of our inheritance 

I CORINTHIANS - emphasizes the practical disciplines and instructions given to God 's people; presents an overview of the gifts of the spirit 

II CORINTHIANS - provides a clear insight into the ministry of the Apostle Paul 

I & II PETER - a study on joy in the midst of suffering and the importance of growing in the Word 

I & II THESSALONIANS - gives insight into the close relationship between Paul and the believers at Thessalonica; also covers last day events 

SYNOPTIC GOSPELS I - a study in Matthew, Mark and Luke, provides a chronology of the ministry of Christ up to the passion week 

SYNOPTIC GOSPELS II- a detailed account of the final week of Christ's ministry as recorded by Matthew, Mark and Luke

TIMOTHY & TITUS - a chapter-by-chapter study of Paul's pastoral instructions and admonitions 

RUTH & ESTHER - historical insight into the times and lifestyle of the Jews; reveals allegorical truths of the relationship of Christ and his church  

PROVERBS – as one of the books of wisdom it offers insight into practical daily living. It is presented both topically and by chapter

EZRA & NEHEMIAH - a devotional chapter-by-chapter study, portraying the restoration of the temple and Jerusalem under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah

GOSPEL OF MATTHEW I - chapters 1-14: This is a two part, comprehensive, chapter-by-chapter study of the Gospel according to Matthew

GOSPEL OF MATTHEW II- chapters 15-28 : This is a two part, comprehensive, chapter-by-chapter study of the Gospel according to Matthew

GOSPEL OF MARK - a comprehensive, chapter by chapter study of the Gospel according to Mark

GOSPEL OF LUKE I - chapters 1-12: This is a two part, comprehensive, chapter-by-chapter study of the Gospel according to Luke

GOSPEL OF LUKE II - chapters 13-24 This is a two part, comprehensive, chapter-by-chapter study of the Gospel according to Luke



BIBLE PROPHECY - covers the Rapture, Tribulation, Armageddon, Return of Christ and the Millennium

DIVINE HEALING - thoroughly explains the scriptural basis for divine healing

PERSONAL EVANGELISM - a convincing study on the necessity of obeying the call to witness for Christ

HOLY SPIRIT - an overall view of the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit in both the Old and New Testaments

CHRISTIAN LIVING II - covers tithing, commitment to the local church, love of the brethren, respecting church leadership, obedience and prayer

ROMANS I – Chapters 1-8; the Apostle Paul lays the doctrinal foundation of the Christian faith

ROMANS II-Chapters 9-16; the sovereignty of God and practical Christianity presented

GENESIS - a chapter-by-chapter study with spiritual applications for the believer

EXODUS - the account of Israel's exodus from Egypt, giving insight into the types and shadows of Christ's redemptive work

HEBREW LAW I - a thorough study of the types and shadows in Jewish laws and the Tabernacle

HEBREW LAW II - the offerings and yearly feasts of Israel with chart and clear New Testament application

HEBREW LAW III - the glorious priesthood of all believers shown through a study of the priests and Levites of Israel

NUMBERS - a comprehensive chapter-by-chapter study of the entire book 

DEUTERONOMY – a comprehensive chapter-by-chapter study of the entire book

ISAIAH I – chapters 1-39; denunciation of Israel, Judah and other nations; numerous prophecies concerning the Messiah and the coming kingdom

ISAIAH II – chapters 40-66;contains a message of consolation and further prophecies of the coming Messiah

DANIEL - a clear study of each chapter emphasizing important prophecies; includes chart on Daniel's 70 weeks"

REVELATION - a complete study of the end-time events of human history; includes charts

ENTERING INTO THE PROMISED LAND - a devotional study introducing the book of Joshua

MINOR PROPHETS I - Hosea and Joel

MINOR PROPHETS II- Amos, Obadiah and Jonah


MINOR PROPHETS IV - Nahum and Habakkuk

MINOR PROPHETS V - Zephaniah and Haggai

MINOR PROPHETS VI - Zechariah and Malachi

This is a chapter-by-chapter study of the 12 minor prophets, divided into 6 study booklets; these studies help to give a clear understanding of the prophecies during this period of Israel's history.

EZEKIEL I - chapters 1-11, deals with Ezekiel's call to the ministry, the message of judgment upon Jerusalem and the nation of Israel; includes historical chart

EZEKIEL II - chapters 12-28, relates how God spoke through Ezekiel to the false prophets and false shepherds; describes the fall and judgment of Lucifer

EZEKIEL III - chapters 29-48, covers the judgment of Egypt, the valley of dry bones prophecy, and the fulfillment of end-time events; includes charts

LIFE OF DAVID I - covers the early life of David as shepherd and psalmist and his rise to the throne of Israel; also shows the instances in which he wrote many of his psalms

LIFE OF DAVID II - covers David's life and ministry as the king of Israel and the high point of spirituality achieved during his reign; application to the believer's life is made throughout the study 

THE BOOK OF JOB - a relatively detailed study of the entire book; the theme focuses upon the enigma of human suffering, faith and the power of God

JEREMIAH I - chapters 1-18; deals with the call of Jeremiah, general and unrelated prophecies

JEREMIAH II - chapters 19-40; covers specific and dated prophecies

JEREMIAH III - chapters 41-52; covers specific prophecies and prophecies concerning the nations; also includes a study of the book of Lamentations

KINGS I - I Kings 1-14 & II Chronicles 1-12

KINGS II - I Kings 15-22 & II Chronicles 13-20

KINGS III - II Kings 1-13 & II Chronicles 21-24

KINGS IV - II Kings 14-25 & II Chronicles 25-36    

This is a four-part comprehensive study of the kings of Israel and Judah, beginning after David. 

SONG OF SOLOMON - a chapter-by-chapter study written from a devotional and inspirational viewpoint portraying the beautiful allegory of Jesus and His church

JOSHUA - the history of Israel's possession of the Promised Land with spiritual applications

SAMUEL & SAUL I - deals with Samuel's birth and public ministry and the early years of Saul's reign

SAMUEL & SAUL II - deals with the decline of Saul's character and the latter years of his reign These studies cover the life of Samuel the prophet and Saul the first king of Israel, with spiritual applications.

JUDGES - God's repeated deliverance of Israel during a time of increasing national apostasy, heroes of faith provide examples for all believers

PSALMS I - explains the characteristics of Hebrew poetry; covers the psalms of devotion and the Imprecatory Psalms

PSALMS II - the Messianic Psalms

PSALMS III - covers penitential psalms, psalms of worship, praise and adoration, and historical psalms

Psalms is a three-part survey that deals with the main themes of this beautiful portion of scripture.

ECCLESIASTES I - chapters 1 – 6

ECCLESIASTES II - chapters 7 - 12

This is a two-part comprehensive study of one of the Old Testament books of wisdom, which emphasizes the spiritual principles discovered by Solomon in his search for true reality.

CHRISTIAN LIVING III - deals with topics which help to inspire continued growth and maturity in Christ; who we are in Christ, our victory, spiritual warfare, the will of God, and others






This is a five-part comprehensive study of scriptural principles that relate to the foundation of the family and its relationships. It deals with the responsibilities and relationships of the family, parents & leaders, husbands & fathers, wives & mothers sons & and daughters.

BIBLICAL PRAYERS I - an in-depth study of spiritual principles relating to effective prayer, with biblical examples

BIBLICAL PRAYERS II - a continuation of an in-depth study on how to pray more effectively, with examples from the Bible

STEWARDSHIP - deals with the responsibilities and rewards of the faithful steward; tithing and the giving of offerings, including "first fruits”

CHRISTIAN LIVING IV – covers adding to our faith, growing in Christ and in fellowship with the Lord and the rewards of growing

CHRISTIAN LIVING V – deals with maintaining the correct attitude even in the midst of fiery trials, with a view of God’s purpose and plan for the believer

THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM – an in-depth study with a new perspective of the aspects of the kingdom of God

LIVING IN THE KINGDOM – a study dealing with the practical aspects of daily living in the kingdom of God

EXTENDING THE KINGDOM – covers God’s original plan and purpose, plus aspects of His empowerment enabling man to attain his destiny in Christ

THE POWER OF THE KINGDOM - examines the biblical pattern of spiritual growth toward maturity