Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

Q. What is the difference between Basic and Advanced studies?

A. Some of the Advanced studies are longer and require more reading and insight than the Basic studies.

Q. Do I have to start with the Basic studies?

A. The studies may be ordered in any sequence, however it is recommended that you begin with the Introductory study #1 and continue with the Basic studies before moving on to the Advanced studies. Completion of the Basic studies first will provide the student with a better foundation for further study.

Q. Which study should I use to help reach non-believers?

A. The Introductory study; It is shorter in length, easier to finish and it has questions relating to personal salvation.

Q. Do I have to order a set of studies?

A. The studies may be ordered in a set or individually, in any sequence.

Q. What is the difference between a Basic Set and an Advanced Set of studies?

A. The Basic Set is a compilation of study booklets numbered 1 through 25 and primarily consists of New Testament studies with a few from the Old Testament added. The advanced set covers the majority of the Old Testament; also several topical studies are included. The Advanced studies are not numbered and can be studied in any sequence.

Q. What is a complete set of studies?

A. A complete set contains all of the Basic studies and the Advanced studies. The number of studies in a complete set varies by languages.

Q. Do you have any studies for kids?

A. We do not have any studies specifically written for children, however youth of junior-high age or older should be able to complete the Basic studies with adult assistance.

Q. Where do I send my study for correction when it is completed?

A. Return it for correction to the church ministry or person who gave it to you. Do not send any completed workbooks to Global Youth Evangelism.

Q. Are answer keys available?

A. The only text needed to complete the studies is the Bible; howeveranswer keys are available for churches, ministries and Bible study leaders. For those who are correcting their own studies answer keys are available for reviewing their answers.

Q. Do I get a degree when I finish all the studies?

A. No, however blank Certificates of Completion are available. They can be filled in and awarded by your church or the ministry that gave you the study.

Q. How do I get a degree?

A. For those interested in pursuing their biblical education, please refer to the GBI tab on this website for information on the Global Bible Institute

Q. Do you ship to countries outside the U.S.?

A. We only ship to addresses located in the United States and in Canada. For all other locations, downloads of the studies are available.

Q. What shipping method is used?
Orders are mailed via USPS Library rate. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. For expedited shipping UPS or USPS Priority Mail are available for an additional fee.

Q. Can you print our church logo and address on the study covers?

A. Special order covers are available for orders of 500 studies or more. Please call customer support at 530-865-5557 for further information.

Q. What is your denominational affiliation?

A. We are inter-denominational, serving churches and ministries across the spectrum.