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          Recently in a meeting when we were discussing the impact of the Christian Worker Bible Study Series around the world, I recalled the time when our Bible studies were introduced into the nation of Cuba in the mid-nineties. At that time we had met a Cuban pastor and his wife who were involved in conducting marriage seminars throughout their nation in order to help stem the tide of a high divorce rate among Cuban families. 
          Our published five part  Bible study series on the Christian family attracted their attention. In response to their request, we were able to partner with them and they began to produce  the studies in country using these studies as follow up materials to their marriage seminars. Later on they used more of the Bible lessons and introduced them as a basic course of study for all new converts.
           It was shortly after this that we were made aware of a testimony of another pastor who also was conducting marriage seminars under the mentorship of the above-mentioned pastor.
          At a celebration banquet which was held at the conclusion of each marriage seminar, a grateful man approached the pastor with the following words: " I am a member of the Communist party and I don't claim to be a Christian, but I want to thank you for saving my marriage!" We don't know what eventually happened to this person; however, the Word of God is a powerful seed that has the potential of producing fruit in all kinds of soil!


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            One year ago on August 15, 2013 the ceiling in the building where we publish the Christian Worker Bible Study Series began to collapse.  The damage would result in the eventual necessity of replacing the trusses and the total roof structure.  An insurance company adjuster ordered us to immediately evacuate the premises and store our materials and equipment in five containers. We called our insurance company with our claim, and they informed us by mail that there was a question whether or not our insurance policy would cover the replacement costs.  We then sent out an urgent prayer request for prayer to our partners in Africa, India, Cuba, Nicaragua as well as to our friends in the U.S.A.
          P. T. L.! After waiting over three months for their decision, in the midst of hearing many negative reports, we finally received their approval. Nevertheless we continued to function, although greatly handicapped and operating with reduced facilities. Finally, after nearly a year of standing in faith and trusting God's promise and operating with reduced facilities, we are now back into our 5,000 square foot publishing building! 
To view some photos of the rebuild project click on the link below.

         All of us at G.Y.E. wish to express our gratitude to God for His faithfulness in fulfilling His promises and to the thousands of our friends around the globe who stood with us in prayer and faith during this difficult time. We announce that we are now back operating at full capacity making the Bible studies available to all who have a hunger and thirst to study the Word of God.

NOTE:  As we moved our equipment and materials back into our refurbished building, we realized that we were greatly overstocked on many of our Spanish Bible studies.  Therefore, we invite all of our U.S. customers to check our website for these "great deals" for many of our overstocked Spanish studies with discounts up to 60%

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Bible Studies in Cuba

Some time age we received this report from the brethren who are utilizing the Christian Worker Bible Study Series in the Island nation of Cuba.

" I trust that this report will give you an over-all picture of the work we have been able to accomplish with the Christian Worker Bible studies here in Cuba.

With several different printings we have been able to produce enough materials to help train over 55,000 men and women in the Bible both in churches and in prisons throughout our nation!"


If you have a story about your experience with the Christian Worker Bible Studies in your location and or ministry that you would like to share with the GYE family, we welcome your comments.


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