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          A lot has happened in the Global Youth Evangelism ministry since my posting last Summer. During a Global Youth Evangelism board meeting last September, it became clear to me that I must pass on the leadership of our organization to the younger generation.
          After more than 53 years of serving the Lord and GYE in ministry, I could see that the vision, direction and emphasis of our organization was about to change. This "new" vision is not in keeping with a burden and vision that the Lord had planted and sustained in my own heart concerning the operation and extension of the Christian Worker Bible Study Series. Our desire and focus was to make available a simple, low-cost Bible study to every hungry soul who desired to study the word of God. By God's mercy and grace, He has enabled us to reach hundreds of thousands in six continents with these Bible study materials. They are now helping believers in seventeen different languages to grow in their relationship with their Lord Jesus. 
         We believe that the Lord has blessed our efforts, because we continued to follow the spiritual principle of sowing (reinvesting) the benefits and proceeds derived the Christian Worker Bible Study Series, back into the same ministry. Following this principle of scripture (Isaiah 55:10, 11) of sowing the seed rather than consuming it, has been proven effective over the past five decades. Our desire and prayer is that under new leadership this principle will continue to guide future vision and practices.
          So, in closing this final posting, I ask that you pray for the new president of Global Youth Evangelism, Rev Mike Farias. Please pray for wisdom, direction and guidance by the Holy Spirit and submission to the Good Shepherd Who is always gentle and merciful to His sheep.

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Celebrating Exploring The Bible

          We give praise and thanks to the Lord for a successful 50th Year Jubilee celebration. On May 16th our GYE family and friends gathered for the celebration at the House of Prayer in Orland for a time of praise, fellowship and remembering all that our faithful Lord has done for us during the Past 50 years. Fond memories and praises to Lord sprang from our hearts during the 20 minute video presentation capturing the highlights of the past 50 years of GYE's ministry. We remembered the youth outreaches of the early sixties, the language studies at Guadalara, Mexico, the many young lives trained through the Bible schools, the trips to the Pacific Islands , Central & South America, on GYE's sailing vessel the Morning Star, The Log church at Mount Hull, WA built by Bible school students and church members! Another one of the highlights was the sharing of greetings and congratulations from Africa and Central America by those who were unable to attend.

          We give glory and praise to our Father in heaven for His faithful mercy and grace! We do not know what the future holds but we do know Who holds the future!

          By the way we just received this morning, an email from Thailand requesting our Bible study series on the Kingdom of God.

          Later we will sharing more information about a different way to explore the Bible!


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          Global Youth Evangelism will celebrate 50 years of international ministry, May 16, 2015.  The Jubilee celebration activities are scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. at 1044 Trinity Street, Orland, CA.  The program will include music, a video presentation highlighting the 50 years of ministry plus the dedication of the recently reconstructed publishing building.  A long-time friend of the church, pastor Gaylord Enns will be the featured speaker.  Rev. Enns is the published author of "Love Revolution" and has traveled extensively in connection with his book.

         Global Youth Evangelism or "GYE" as it is known to its constituents was incorporated June 1, 1965 at Chico, CA.  Since those early days to the present, with the work of their missionaries and ministry friends, the mission of Evangelism through Discipleship has touched six continents as well as several Pacific Island groups.

          During the past 50 years "GYE" has been involved in: planting churches and youth training centers with one year Bible schools, publishing the Christian Worker Bible Study Series, an international boat ministry with its sailing vessel the Morning Star and establishing a Spanish Language School. Through these endeavors the Lord has graciously extended the influence of His kingdom touching the lives of hundreds of thousands around the globe. 

          Those who may be interested in attending the celebration are asked to RSVP to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for a catered lunch.

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          Recently in a meeting when we were discussing the impact of the Christian Worker Bible Study Series around the world, I recalled the time when our Bible studies were introduced into the nation of Cuba in the mid-nineties. At that time we had met a Cuban pastor and his wife who were involved in conducting marriage seminars throughout their nation in order to help stem the tide of a high divorce rate among Cuban families. 
          Our published five part  Bible study series on the Christian family attracted their attention. In response to their request, we were able to partner with them and they began to produce  the studies in country using these studies as follow up materials to their marriage seminars. Later on they used more of the Bible lessons and introduced them as a basic course of study for all new converts.
           It was shortly after this that we were made aware of a testimony of another pastor who also was conducting marriage seminars under the mentorship of the above-mentioned pastor.
          At a celebration banquet which was held at the conclusion of each marriage seminar, a grateful man approached the pastor with the following words: " I am a member of the Communist party and I don't claim to be a Christian, but I want to thank you for saving my marriage!" We don't know what eventually happened to this person; however, the Word of God is a powerful seed that has the potential of producing fruit in all kinds of soil!


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            We at Global Youth Evangelism give praise to God for His faithful sustaining power!  2015 is our 50th year of service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Church. In this, our year of Jubilee, the Lord continues to increase the outreach of the Christian Worker Bible Study Series. As 2014 came to a close, we received the following reports from the Southern part of the African continent. Missionaries and national leaders are using these Bible studies to help them train pastors and workers for the work of the gospel.

           In South Africa proper, pastors are being trained and graduated from different Bible schools.  (A few years ago we received word that the Christian Worker Bible Study Series had been translated into the Afrikaan language).  In addition to South Africa, this same South African missionary has also provided our Bible study materials to help in training pastors and leaders in the countries of Malawi and Mozambique.  (Mozambique uses the Portuguese language version of our Bible studies.)
          Last month, we also received a report from Namibia.  There, several of the Bible studies have already been translated into the Kwanyama language for the training of pastors and workers in that country.  This nation  is located just south of Angola in the southern part of Africa.
          Finally, we also received a newsletter from Angola that reported the graduation of about 20 Bible school graduates in Sao Tomé (Saint Thomas).  This small, Portuguese speaking, Island nation is located farther North just south of Nigeria.

         As previously mentioned, Global youth Evangelism is celebrating its 50th year of ministry. (1965-2015) Please stay connected for details as plans are developed for our celebration!

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          In a previous blog entry I mentioned that over 55,000 Cubans have been blessed and trained in the Bible using the Christian Worker Bible Study Series. We have felt led to share a little of the background so that you might get  more insight into: "The rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say. These studies were first introduced in the Island nation of Cuba in the mid nineties by a pastor and his wife who were conducting marriage seminars in order to stem the tide of  the high divorce rate in their nation. They were attracted to our five part series on the Christian family. This scriptural based approach in a simple, systematic workbook format, proved to be a valuable addition to the curricula they had been using.
           They requested and received permission to duplicate the Bible studies in country since shipment and importation of Bible studies into a Communist nation would be difficult if not impossible. Soon after they began to reproduce additional titles of the Bible studies and quickly developed for their church, the curricula they titled "The Basic Course". Each new convert who desired to become a member was enrolled in the Bible studies. This mode of discipleship training has produced a tremendous harvest in numbers and spiritual maturity.
          The following are a few testimonies we received a few days ago from Cuba expressing their gratitude for The Christian Worker Bible Study Series, which have increased their knowledge of the Lord and strengthened them in order to be able to face the challenges while living under a Marxist government and socialist culture.
          "This Bible study series has given me strength and encouragement to dig deeper into the word of God. It has helped me to grow spiritually and become a better    Christian; I'm now not just a hearer of His word, but now I'm also a doer."
            " I thank God for the other brothers and sisters of our group, who patiently shared their biblical knowledge with me. I felt joy all the time as we studied the Bible. I will never forget how our relationship with each other was so close as we studied together!
          "As a pastor, I can say that these studies have been a great blessing for our church. They provide a systematic and organized structure for Bible study. It is amazing to see the brethren keeping faith with increased interest in learning the truths of the kingdom of God. I'm sincerely grateful for the opportunity to use these studies. Thank God, and may He bless your ministry."
          "I thank God for all the people who have helped to bring these studies into my life. Using them to study the Bible has improved my relationship with the Lord and enabled me to know Him more deeply. The clear and systematic format have helped me grow as a cell group leader. I mean; I have had such great inspiration and experiences in my study of the word of God, I don't have enough words to describe it! Thank you so very much!"
          The leadership of Global Youth Evangelism have realized the tremendous financial challenges facing our Cuban brethren in this project and began to partner with them to ease their burden. Since that time those blessed and trained in the Bible and Christian faith has risen even above the 55,000 number mentioned above.

If you or your ministry would like to join with us in our partnership with our Cuban brethren and other  missionary endeavors around the globe, you may do so by clicking on the "DONATION' button in the menu bar on our home page.


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Bible Study Blessings From Around the Globe!

One of the many blessings we receive while being in contact with various ministries and individuals around the globe, is to receive their testimonies and comments about the Christian Worker Bible Study Series.
The following are some of these testimonies our office has received:

Missionary in Chile:
"Thank you for the new studies in Spanish... I teach a course on Christian Education in our national Bible college...I have included this good material, (the Christian Worker Bible Study Series)  for use in our churches...I trust that more [people] will take advantage of it."

Missionary in Colombia:
"On behalf of Colombian pastors and believers I want to express our gratitude to you for the excellent materials that your organization has made available...  We have started a program of local Mini-Bible Schools in our churches.  We are planning to make a special effort to train our lay workers. Since we are facing increasing guerrilla activities.there are many places where we can no longer send full-time pastors, but only work through our lay people."

Angola, Africa:
"Thanks for all you have done for Portugal, Angola and Sad Tomí!  We have about 5,000 students studying your courses in Angola. PTL!!  Thanks for all you're doing."

A Midwestern Pastor in the USA: 
"We have just learned about the Christian Worker Bible Study Series, and we are excited and anxious to get started.  We are a well-established church, but we have been negligent in our obedience to the Great Commission.  The Lord has been speaking to us that we need "to get" to the people with whom we are in contact every day!  We have been an established church for ten years and have failed to make a significant impact on our community.  We believe this is going to change."

Local church lay workers in the USA:
"Just a note in with this order to tell you how much help these workbooks are to our new converts.  My husband and I teach the New Life Class here at our church.  We start a new class about every eight weeks and so many tell us how much they enjoy working in the books and how much they have learned."

NOTE TO MINISTRY LEADERS:  You may download a free "Pastors/Leaders Packet" with ideas/instructions on how to start your own Mini-Bible School in your group or ministry. From the menu bar on our homepage, select "RESOURCES" then PASTORS/LEADERS and choose either Spanish or English packets.

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            One year ago on August 15, 2013 the ceiling in the building where we publish the Christian Worker Bible Study Series began to collapse.  The damage would result in the eventual necessity of replacing the trusses and the total roof structure.  An insurance company adjuster ordered us to immediately evacuate the premises and store our materials and equipment in five containers. We called our insurance company with our claim, and they informed us by mail that there was a question whether or not our insurance policy would cover the replacement costs.  We then sent out an urgent prayer request for prayer to our partners in Africa, India, Cuba, Nicaragua as well as to our friends in the U.S.A.
          P. T. L.! After waiting over three months for their decision, in the midst of hearing many negative reports, we finally received their approval. Nevertheless we continued to function, although greatly handicapped and operating with reduced facilities. Finally, after nearly a year of standing in faith and trusting God's promise and operating with reduced facilities, we are now back into our 5,000 square foot publishing building! 
To view some photos of the rebuild project click on the link below.

         All of us at G.Y.E. wish to express our gratitude to God for His faithfulness in fulfilling His promises and to the thousands of our friends around the globe who stood with us in prayer and faith during this difficult time. We announce that we are now back operating at full capacity making the Bible studies available to all who have a hunger and thirst to study the Word of God.

NOTE:  As we moved our equipment and materials back into our refurbished building, we realized that we were greatly overstocked on many of our Spanish Bible studies.  Therefore, we invite all of our U.S. customers to check our website for these "great deals" for many of our overstocked Spanish studies with discounts up to 60%

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Evangelism Into Southern Mexico & Central Africa

Several times in this blog we have shared reports from different places telling of the thousands who have benefited from The Christian Worker Bible Study Series, and we have been encouraged by these reports. Today we will share a couple of individual experiences which have also been an encouragement to us. These individual reports are examples illustrating the truth that nothing is insignificant in the Kingdom of God. ("You have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things." (Matthew 25:23 NKJV)

Several years ago, a former graduate of our Bible school in Guadalajara, Mexico asked me to return and help him teach a Christian Worker's conference. On the very first day I was approached by a local missionary who said: "So you're the one who helps produce the Christian Worker Bible Study Series". He then proceeded to relate an experience that happened during a mission outreach in the Southern mountains of Mexico. In a small, primitive and insignificant village, tucked away in the mountains, they met a family of new believers. They did not even have a Bible, but somehow were receiving inspiration from a small booklet titled: The Christian Worker Bible Study Series, study of Galatians! The word of God is like a seed that will grow where ever it falls into the soil of a hungry heart! (Luke 8:11)

While I was reflecting on that memory, I recalled that years ago, our office received a request for a Bible study from Central Africa. The request was a note scribbled on a food-stained sheet of blue paper. The sheet of blue paper was the inside cover torn from our Introductory Bible Study. The note said: "I was visiting a friend in his home, and he served me a piece of bread wrapped in this paper. When I returned home, I read the words printed on the paper that spoke of a Bible study that was produced for all who have a hunger and thirst to know the truth of God's word. How can I get the Bible study described on this sheet of paper?" He was hungry for more than physical bread, which can never satisfy the spiritual hunger of the soul!

To most folks these two incidences may seem to be insignificant. However, to the workers and staff that have labored during the past thirty plus years to expand and increase The Christian Worker Bible Study Series, they are much more! We are encouraged to keep on with the ministry that He has placed in our hands. Thanks be to God that in His faithfulness, He has enabled Global Youth Evangelism to introduce these Bible studies around the globe into six continents!

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A Fiery Crash and the Resurrection

          For our community of Orland, CA, this has been a month of both tragedy and hope.  On April 10, 2014, a fiery head-on crash of a semi-truck and a charter bus filled with students occurred just about 100 yards north of our church property, which is located next to Interstate 5.  There were students filled with hope as they journeyed to investigate their possible future enrollment in a North State University.  The lives of so many, filled with hope for the future, suddenly were filled with heartache, sorrow and many questions.
          The multiple sirens wailed as the first responders sped to the scene of the accident, guided by the column of thick, black smoke rising against the horizon.  As the minutes and hours passed, the full extent of this horrific event began to unfold. Innocent teens looking forward to further education as well as productive lives, were among the ten fatal victims.  We "Orlandites" were confronted with the fact that this was not happening back East nor in some Midwestern town.  It was happening in our own community!  Orland, California is barely visible on the map of United States, but now it was the focus of national news!  How would the community, local government agencies and churches respond?  A local town hall meeting later revealed the competency and speed of the first responders which included our volunteer firemen.  The community response was so tremendous that the Red Cross asked that the public stop bringing food, water and blankets to help the victims.
          Last Friday many in our community remembered another tragic, historical event which resulted in the death of an innocent and blameless person.  Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, gave up His life voluntarily on the cross.  Sorrow and hopelessness also filled the hearts of His followers on that first "Good Friday".  However, their sorrow and despair was changed into hope three days later as the word spread that Jesus was alive, and then they celebrated His resurrection!
          In light of the tragedies of life which bring sorrow and despair, we who believe in Jesus Christ also often fail to come up with answers to life's questions of why.  When we can't answer them and don't understand them, then we like Mary and Martha in the Gospel of John chapter 11, can also go to Jesus.  When we do so, no doubt we will also hear the same message of hope that they received from Him:  "Trust Me, for I am the Resurrection and the Life!  He that believes in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live!"

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Global Youth Evangelism sends Bible Studies Around the Globe

In the midst of our day-to-day activities and challenges, we often receive reports of encouragement from across the globe.

"Sorry to not have responded sooner...a bit pressed here timewise.  Every weekend we're involved in preaching and teaching and will finally have a bit of down time on the 27th when we fly to Portugal for two months of ministry there.  Our guy has happily begun the translation into Lingala.  I am asking that the materials follow the American version of single copies and not the Portuguese version of 12 lessons in a book form.  The cost is more obtainable as we've no financial backing for this project.  There are thousands of Lingala-speaking peoples making up a large portion of churches in the Luanda area (in Angola).  We are excited about the possibilities of training these folks with the quality Global Youth Evangelism materials.  Thanks for standing with us and allowing us this privilege."
"Brother, we have good news for you.  Here in our church there is much enthusiasm for the Christian Worker Bible Study Series.  Last Friday there were 63 who graduated from the study course.  There is another group that has begun the course, any many more who desire to take the Bible studies.  But, we have to proceed slowly because of the cost involved in reproducing the materials."
"Please send me information regarding the use of your lessons (the Christian Worker Bible Study Series).  I am an American EFL teacher, teaching English in rural South Korea, and the local church has asked that I teach a Bible class in English.  I had previously taken your lessons through my church back home in Portland, OR.  Please let me know about the cost reasonably soon, since I am on a tight budget and will have to set the money aside for the lessons." 
We received a phone call from a ministry in Australia last week updating us on the status of the Bible studies that had been printed there.  Australia is such a vast country with many areas sparsely populated that distribution of printed matter is more difficult.  We discussed our new website with downloadable studies with them which we hope will provide many solutions of distribution for them.
"We are having our graduation activities in the month of March.  We have 48 inmates graduating with the Certificate of Completion of New Testament Studies:  they have completed your first 26 workbooks (of the Christian Worker Bible Study Series).  They will be receiving the Recovery Bible supplied by the Chaplaincy Department of the Assemblies of God in Springfield, MO. ... This is our 21st graduation and and the largest in our history. Please pray for us during this special time."


We are grateful and thankful to the Lord, for all of the reports and comments from many different parts of the world where the Christian Worker Bible Study Series have reached!

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Fire in Our Time - Part 2

As we post the "rest of the story", we would like to relate one more testimony before we get to the reason for the title of this article.
"A new convert fell ill and doctors told him 'you're going to die; there is nothing more we can do'. That night, after three hours of waiting on God's hand, the elders and this young man witnessed the power of the Lord as God raised him up from the agony of his death bed. The next morning he was up early to complete a bit of yard work neglected during his illness.
Time would fail to tell of great testings and great miracles, including the meeting of impossible financial needs not mentioned to anyone but our gracious Provider."
Now, for the reason behind the title of this article.
"It was a Tuesday evening service; great fear and great expectancy possessed the people. The Holy Spirit took charge of the church service, and people were entering in to know the Lord -- the atmosphere seemed charged! Suddenly the Holy Spirit broke forth in waves throughout the congregation and men could not stand to minister because of the strength of His presence. Soon after this outpouring, a commotion erupted outside as firemen with hoses and axes went about to investigate the building. It seems that one passer-by and then another had reported that the top of the roof was engulfed in flames. They saw fire on the roof! The fireman didn't know what to make of it. But we did." 
NOTE: All these events happened in a small church hidden away in the Santa Cruz mountains; it seldom ran over 120 in number. The nearest town was more than ten miles away. Out of that small insignificant beginning, the Lord has raised up a ministry, (Global Youth Evangelism) that has touched six continents with the word of God!

To conclude this blog posting, we refer to the words of Jonathan, son of King Saul, in 1 Samuel 14:6 "... it may be that the Lord will work for us. For nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few." (NKJV)
Testimonies are taken from the article "Fire in Our Time" , Behold He Cometh, published by Global Youth Evangelism, June, 1966 (Used with Permission)




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FIRE IN OUR TIME, The Early Beginnings Of Global Youth Evangelism

The above is the title of a magazine article published by Global Youth Evangelism almost 50 years ago. The reason for this particular blog is to add a few more details
to the early beginnings of our vision that have already been posted  about our history. The following are excerpts from this article:
Difficulty was not new for the little house church situated in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Before God began to visibly move, the congregation dwindled from 24 to 12. First one disappointment came and then another. The well for the church and parsonage dried up. Then a baby belonging to a newly converted couple died suddenly in the church. Yet the men of the church continued to meet for prayer every morning at 6 A.M., before they went off to work. One rainy Saturday night, a few souls felt burdened to go to the house of the  Lord to pray. One by one people led of the Lord came from as far as twenty miles away to seek His face. Before any had returned to his home that night, they all knew they had experienced a supernatural oneness in the Holy Spirit. The God of glory had bestowed healings  and under-girded the spirits of His people for the trying ventures of faith that stood ahead.
By this time God had started to work in our midst. His people had entered the conflict and they saw God move. A spirit of conviction rested mightily on sinners. Souls were saved at the Christmas play. One young man walked in the church door and down he went in the aisle, his strength departed from him in the strong presence of the Lord! Thirty minutes later he arose and headed for the altar where he gave his heart to the Lord. Another time , at a youth service, a carload of young "hoods" came in to creat a disturbance. The leader sauntered down the aisle smoking a cigarette, but before long both he and his gang were at the altar weeping before God. After many conflicts, a few defeats and several victories, our Redeemer was pleased to send His Spirit once again in a powerful way. On a Sunday morning, five or six fell under mighty conviction of the Holy Spirit. One young woman, a refugee from Castro's Cuba and a first time visitor to an evangelical service, fell to her knees crying out to the Savior to save her.
There is much more to the story and we will continue it at a later time.

As we read and re-read the testimonies of these encounters with God, our hearts are challenged to seek His face afresh and experience new adventures of faith and victory. The message to us today, is the same as it was to Israel in 2 Chronicles 30:6 " Return to the Lord and He will return to us".
Testimonies are taken from the article "Fire in Our Time" , Behold He Cometh, published by Global Youth Evangelism, June, 1966 (Used with Permission) 




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            Several events of the recent Thanksgiving season, along with some comments in a recent newsletter of a fellow minister, drew me to the Apostle Peter's second letter. Several times in his letter he exhorted his readers to remember. Memory for many is a "mixed bag" of some good times, but also contains experiences we would rather forget.
           Returning our focus to Peter's letter, it appears that he was stirring up their memories with words of warning previously declared by the prophets of old and spoken of by his contemporary apostles, to better prepare them to avoid to pitfalls lethargy and deception.
          However, the comments in the above-mentioned newsletter caused this writer to recall and focus on several personal experiences of powerful movings of the Holy Spirit over the past decades. The effect being twofold; first, as a reminder that God the Holy Spirit is still desiring to transform lives through the miraculous, and secondly it awakened a cry and spiritual hunger that too often dozes in the comfort and blessing of daily living. Thanks be to Jesus who is always faithful, even when we are not. (2 Timothy 2:13)
             We wonder are there others who perhaps remember powerful times when the Spirit moved in our midst, but somehow these experiences have faded into just memories of how things used to be. If we cry out to our faithful God, He will begin to stir our hearts, not just to remember the piles of stones of past experiences and ask "what do these stones mean?" (Joshua 4:6, 7) , but crying out to our faithful God to move again by the power of His Spirit and transform our churches, our cities and our nation so that we also can set up our own piles of stones.  Stones as memorials to contemporary exploits of our Mighty God! May those who come after us ask: "what do these stones mean"! 
           There is something deep within me desiring to declare the words of Elisha as he struck the waters of the Jordan River with Elijah's mantle: "Where is the Lord God of Elijah?"! Are there others who will join in the cry?
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Bible Studies in Cuba

Some time age we received this report from the brethren who are utilizing the Christian Worker Bible Study Series in the Island nation of Cuba.

" I trust that this report will give you an over-all picture of the work we have been able to accomplish with the Christian Worker Bible studies here in Cuba.

With several different printings we have been able to produce enough materials to help train over 55,000 men and women in the Bible both in churches and in prisons throughout our nation!"


If you have a story about your experience with the Christian Worker Bible Studies in your location and or ministry that you would like to share with the GYE family, we welcome your comments.


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The Christian Worker Bible Study on Apostle Paul's Biblical Prayers

In Paul the Apostle's letters to the Ephesians and Colossians, one can begin to understand his position and practice concerning prayer. Both in Ephesians 1:16-19; & 3:19, 20 and then again in Colossians 1:11. He emphasizes the greatness of God's mighty power at work in us.

Rather than pray that the trials and persecutions of those first century Christians would cease or be diminished, he prayed that their understanding of God's love for them would increase. He prayed that the Lord would give them "mighty inner strength through the Holy Spirit". He seemed to indicate that the greatness of God's power within the believer would be more evident as a result of an increased understanding of how much God loved them.

In light of his own personal experience of having to depend upon the grace of God, he summed up his prayer to the Ephesians by writing: "Now glory be to God! By His mighty power at work in us, He is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope!" Eph. 3:20 (NLT)
Therefore, may our prayer life focus on the greatness of God's mighty power within us, rather than on the difficulties and hardships of any present trial or testing we may be facing.

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Biblical Prayers

Biblical Prayers 

I have recently been reviewing a couple of our Bible studies in the Christian Worker Bible Study Series titled Biblical Prayers. This review coincided with some recent challenges in the ministry of Global Youth Evangelism. We have always believed in the value of Spirit-led prayer and have practiced it through various decades, although admittedly in varying degrees. Yesterday, in a meeting with  a dozen or so pastors and ministry leaders, I heard these words in a prayer: "Let us pray with the words from Your mouth". We sensed that this was a confirmation that we should refocus our attention on the patterns and the examples of the many effective prayers found in the Bible.

The following are some excerpts from the above-mentioned Bible studies:

"Through the centuries, powerful men and women of God have spoken and written about many outstanding concepts of prayer.  Someone has said that “prayer is the subject most written and talked about in the Church but the least practiced.”  Our doctrine says it is important to pray; however, while we are praying, it is often a temptation to think we aren’t doing anything for the kingdom of God.  The truth is we are most effective as followers of Christ when we know how to pray effectively.  The Lord changes hearts and lives and families; towns and cities are transformed; nations are shaken; all this is in the realm of possibility when God’s people begin to pray effectively!"

"It is not that we don’t believe in prayer.  Most simply don’t do it, or at least not in a way that is effective.  One of the purposes of this study is to examine the prayers of God’s people mentioned in the Bible, and hopefully, we as the Church of Jesus Christ, will receive a new or renewed vision to pray - until we as individuals are changed, until the Church is revived, until nations are shaken to the point of repentance and the powers of darkness are abated - so that the glory of the Lord will fill all the earth as the waters cover the sea. (Hab. 3:3)"

"Praying biblical prayers (or praying after the same pattern and using the same spiritual principles found in the Bible) gives us the assurance that we are praying in agreement with the word of God.  We can be confident that God will always hear us and answer us.  (John 11:41,42)"

"One of the surest ways to know that we are praying correctly is to pray in agreement with what God has already promised.  Also, we can become an active part in the establishment of God’s will on earth when we pray in agreement with something that has already been prophesied in the Word of God."

"Thus, the question is not does one believe in prayer, not even do we pray from time to time, but are we effective in our praying.  The greatest successes in the kingdom of God here on earth are the results of effective praying.  Someone has said,  'When the house of God on the earth is a house of prayer, then heaven is most active.'"


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(An excerpt from our missions page)

In early 1982, without knowing the full reasons for the trip but sensing that "God was in it", preparations began to be made to sail the Morning Star to the Marshall Islands. During the six month preparation time, which included repainting the boat and the installation of new equipment, the crew was aware of a constant urging from within. We were also blessed with many providential provisions of specific supplies needed for the 5000 mile trip.

Months later a clearer understanding of the purpose for the Morning Star's building and voyage to the Marshall Islands became apparent. At the close of a small church service on the Marshall Island atoll Ebon, Ebon, an elderly Christian gentleman came forward and through an interpreter expressed his gratitude to God for the return of the Morning Star to the Marshall Islands. He expressed, "Now I know that there is a God in heaven who hears and answers prayer." When asked if he had been praying for the Morning Star to return to his islands, he responded in the affirmative. Like a bolt of spiritual lightening the Lord spoke to our hearts and said: "You now have your answer. This is the reason you brought the Morning Star to the Marshall Islands, to be the answer to this man's prayer."

We will never forget the impact of that experience! God loves His servants so much that He will interrupt the lives of dozens of people at a cost of thousands of dollars in order to answer the prayers of His loved ones.
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Bible Studies in the Pentagon on September 11

A few days ago I was reviewing our file of testimonies that our office receives from time to time. I came across an order form requesting a complete set of our Christian Worker Bible Study Series. The paper was all stained with water marks and a little difficult to read. It was mailed to us shortly after September 11, 2001, and included with the order was this note: "Sorry about the water damage; believe it or not this was recovered from my office in the Pentagon from the September, 11 attack."


It hardly seems like twelve years ago when our nation was shocked by that terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. I remember how our nation came together. Members of congress gathered on the steps of the capitol and sang God Bless America. All of the previous political bickering was forgotten (at least for the moment). Churches were well attended (at least for a couple of weeks). How soon we forget.


However, in the midst of so many changing values and views in our culture there is the unchangeable word of God to lead and guide us, whether we be an individual, a church or a nation. "The grass withers, and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever." Isaiah 40:8 NLT


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The Christian Worker Bible Study Series In Finland & Around the Globe

August 28, 2013

We just received this report from one of our Global Bible Institute graduates, who established a Bible school in Finland using the Christian Worker Bible Study Series. He has been itinerating in the U.S for the last three months.

I've been in the states almost three months traveling around, but I'm sorry that we haven\'t been able to see you. We love the work you are doing for Jesus; from February to the end of May, we ministered in 8 countries. Now as of August 21st. we are returning to Finland, Estonia, Portugal, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand -- then returning to Finland before Christmas.\"

We give praise to Jesus for those who tirelessly proclaim the \"Good News\" around the world, that God loves people and those who believe in His Son Jesus don\'t have to perish. John 3:16

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