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Global Youth Evangelism sends Bible Studies Around the Globe

In the midst of our day-to-day activities and challenges, we often receive reports of encouragement from across the globe.

"Sorry to not have responded sooner...a bit pressed here timewise.  Every weekend we're involved in preaching and teaching and will finally have a bit of down time on the 27th when we fly to Portugal for two months of ministry there.  Our guy has happily begun the translation into Lingala.  I am asking that the materials follow the American version of single copies and not the Portuguese version of 12 lessons in a book form.  The cost is more obtainable as we've no financial backing for this project.  There are thousands of Lingala-speaking peoples making up a large portion of churches in the Luanda area (in Angola).  We are excited about the possibilities of training these folks with the quality Global Youth Evangelism materials.  Thanks for standing with us and allowing us this privilege."
"Brother, we have good news for you.  Here in our church there is much enthusiasm for the Christian Worker Bible Study Series.  Last Friday there were 63 who graduated from the study course.  There is another group that has begun the course, any many more who desire to take the Bible studies.  But, we have to proceed slowly because of the cost involved in reproducing the materials."
"Please send me information regarding the use of your lessons (the Christian Worker Bible Study Series).  I am an American EFL teacher, teaching English in rural South Korea, and the local church has asked that I teach a Bible class in English.  I had previously taken your lessons through my church back home in Portland, OR.  Please let me know about the cost reasonably soon, since I am on a tight budget and will have to set the money aside for the lessons." 
We received a phone call from a ministry in Australia last week updating us on the status of the Bible studies that had been printed there.  Australia is such a vast country with many areas sparsely populated that distribution of printed matter is more difficult.  We discussed our new website with downloadable studies with them which we hope will provide many solutions of distribution for them.
"We are having our graduation activities in the month of March.  We have 48 inmates graduating with the Certificate of Completion of New Testament Studies:  they have completed your first 26 workbooks (of the Christian Worker Bible Study Series).  They will be receiving the Recovery Bible supplied by the Chaplaincy Department of the Assemblies of God in Springfield, MO. ... This is our 21st graduation and and the largest in our history. Please pray for us during this special time."


We are grateful and thankful to the Lord, for all of the reports and comments from many different parts of the world where the Christian Worker Bible Study Series have reached!

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Fire in Our Time - Part 2


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