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FIRE IN OUR TIME, The Early Beginnings Of Global Youth Evangelism

The above is the title of a magazine article published by Global Youth Evangelism almost 50 years ago. The reason for this particular blog is to add a few more details
to the early beginnings of our vision that have already been posted  about our history. The following are excerpts from this article:
Difficulty was not new for the little house church situated in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Before God began to visibly move, the congregation dwindled from 24 to 12. First one disappointment came and then another. The well for the church and parsonage dried up. Then a baby belonging to a newly converted couple died suddenly in the church. Yet the men of the church continued to meet for prayer every morning at 6 A.M., before they went off to work. One rainy Saturday night, a few souls felt burdened to go to the house of the  Lord to pray. One by one people led of the Lord came from as far as twenty miles away to seek His face. Before any had returned to his home that night, they all knew they had experienced a supernatural oneness in the Holy Spirit. The God of glory had bestowed healings  and under-girded the spirits of His people for the trying ventures of faith that stood ahead.
By this time God had started to work in our midst. His people had entered the conflict and they saw God move. A spirit of conviction rested mightily on sinners. Souls were saved at the Christmas play. One young man walked in the church door and down he went in the aisle, his strength departed from him in the strong presence of the Lord! Thirty minutes later he arose and headed for the altar where he gave his heart to the Lord. Another time , at a youth service, a carload of young "hoods" came in to creat a disturbance. The leader sauntered down the aisle smoking a cigarette, but before long both he and his gang were at the altar weeping before God. After many conflicts, a few defeats and several victories, our Redeemer was pleased to send His Spirit once again in a powerful way. On a Sunday morning, five or six fell under mighty conviction of the Holy Spirit. One young woman, a refugee from Castro's Cuba and a first time visitor to an evangelical service, fell to her knees crying out to the Savior to save her.
There is much more to the story and we will continue it at a later time.

As we read and re-read the testimonies of these encounters with God, our hearts are challenged to seek His face afresh and experience new adventures of faith and victory. The message to us today, is the same as it was to Israel in 2 Chronicles 30:6 " Return to the Lord and He will return to us".
Testimonies are taken from the article "Fire in Our Time" , Behold He Cometh, published by Global Youth Evangelism, June, 1966 (Used with Permission) 




Fire in Our Time - Part 2

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