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          In a previous blog entry I mentioned that over 55,000 Cubans have been blessed and trained in the Bible using the Christian Worker Bible Study Series. We have felt led to share a little of the background so that you might get  more insight into: "The rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say. These studies were first introduced in the Island nation of Cuba in the mid nineties by a pastor and his wife who were conducting marriage seminars in order to stem the tide of  the high divorce rate in their nation. They were attracted to our five part series on the Christian family. This scriptural based approach in a simple, systematic workbook format, proved to be a valuable addition to the curricula they had been using.
           They requested and received permission to duplicate the Bible studies in country since shipment and importation of Bible studies into a Communist nation would be difficult if not impossible. Soon after they began to reproduce additional titles of the Bible studies and quickly developed for their church, the curricula they titled "The Basic Course". Each new convert who desired to become a member was enrolled in the Bible studies. This mode of discipleship training has produced a tremendous harvest in numbers and spiritual maturity.
          The following are a few testimonies we received a few days ago from Cuba expressing their gratitude for The Christian Worker Bible Study Series, which have increased their knowledge of the Lord and strengthened them in order to be able to face the challenges while living under a Marxist government and socialist culture.
          "This Bible study series has given me strength and encouragement to dig deeper into the word of God. It has helped me to grow spiritually and become a better    Christian; I'm now not just a hearer of His word, but now I'm also a doer."
            " I thank God for the other brothers and sisters of our group, who patiently shared their biblical knowledge with me. I felt joy all the time as we studied the Bible. I will never forget how our relationship with each other was so close as we studied together!
          "As a pastor, I can say that these studies have been a great blessing for our church. They provide a systematic and organized structure for Bible study. It is amazing to see the brethren keeping faith with increased interest in learning the truths of the kingdom of God. I'm sincerely grateful for the opportunity to use these studies. Thank God, and may He bless your ministry."
          "I thank God for all the people who have helped to bring these studies into my life. Using them to study the Bible has improved my relationship with the Lord and enabled me to know Him more deeply. The clear and systematic format have helped me grow as a cell group leader. I mean; I have had such great inspiration and experiences in my study of the word of God, I don't have enough words to describe it! Thank you so very much!"
          The leadership of Global Youth Evangelism have realized the tremendous financial challenges facing our Cuban brethren in this project and began to partner with them to ease their burden. Since that time those blessed and trained in the Bible and Christian faith has risen even above the 55,000 number mentioned above.

If you or your ministry would like to join with us in our partnership with our Cuban brethren and other  missionary endeavors around the globe, you may do so by clicking on the "DONATION' button in the menu bar on our home page.


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