In 1968 while studying and becoming proficient in the Spanish language, the first foreign GYE missionaries visited small ranches and villages in the Guadalajara area.  Then in 1969 with the Mexican training center established in a suburb of the city, GYE'S "Missionary Intern Program" was established.  Youth groups from the U. S. were invited to travel to Mexico for intense training in missionary principles and practical ministry.  Activities of literature distribution and evangelism were coordinated with local missionary efforts and resulted in placing  new converts into existing churches as well as the establishment of new works.


As a result of years of evangelism and prayer, God began to call out young men and women to a life of full time service, and  the need for a Bible Institute in Mexico became apparent.  In 1975 a one year Bible institute was established at Guadalajara. This was patterned after the one already in operation at our missionary training center at Los Gatos, California. However, in 1977 the Bible school and staff moved from Guadalajara, Jalisco to Ensenada, Baja California which is located about 80 miles South of the border city of Tijuana, Mexico. This move was made in order to better coordinate the activities in Mexico with those in the U. S. Once established after the purchase of property in Ensenada, the "Missionary Intern Program" was reinstated. Youth groups from around the U. S. traveled to Ensenada for 5 days of intensive training and first-hand missionary experiences. As a result of their Missionary Intern experience, many of the young people later entered into full time ministry. Currently the Bible Institute at Ensenada continues to train Mexican men and women as pastors and workers for the kingdom of God.


The story of the missionary sailing vessel Morning Star had its beginnings in the mid-1800s. The first Morning Star sailing vessel was built in Boston with donations from many Sunday School children in order to service the missionary efforts in the islands of the Pacific. The Lord used this vessel to ferry the first missionary to the Marshall Islands and through a series of providential events, introduced for the first time, the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of the Marshall Islands. Throughout the following decades (covering almost 100 years) several Morning Star vessels were used in missionary work among these same Pacific islands. A book published in 1866 tells the story of the first Morning Star as it ferried the first missionary with the gospel of Jesus Christ to the primitive people of the Marshall Islands. We later discovered that there have been eight missionary vessels that carried the good news of the gospel to the islands of the Pacific.

It is the last Morning Star , that was built in 1976-77 by Global Youth Evangelism that we describe now. In the mid 1970s without any previous knowledge or connections with the other missionary vessels named Morning Star, the leadership of Global Youth Evangelism felt led by the Holy Spirit to build the Morning Star for the purpose of sailing to the Marshall Islands. However, the first extended missionary trip to the Pacific did not include the Marshall Islands. Instead, in the late seventies, she visited the Samoan and Tongan Islands with stops in Hawaii. Then in early 1982, without knowing the full reasons for the trip but sensing that "God was in it", preparations were made to sail to the Marshall Islands. During the six month preparation time, which included painting and installation of new equipment, the crew was aware of a constant urging and providential provisions of supplies. A clear understanding of the purpose for the Morning Star's building and trip to the Marshall Islands became apparent at the close of a small church service on the Marshall Island atoll Ebon, Ebon. An elderly Christian gentleman came forward and through an interpreter expressed his gratitude to God for the return of the Morning Star to the Marshall Islands. He expressed, "Now I know that there is a God in heaven who hears and answers prayer." When asked if he had been praying for the Morning Star to return to his islands, he responded in the affirmative. Like a bolt of spiritual lightening the Lord spoke to our hearts and said: "You now have your answer. This is the reason you brought the Morning Star to the Marshall Islands, to be the answer to this man's prayer." We will never forget the impact of that experience! God loves His servants so much that He will interrupt the lives of dozens of people at a cost of thousands of dollars in order to answer the prayers of His loved ones. In the second phase of the Morning Star's missionary service, she was used to ferry tons of Bible study materials to Central and South America and Puerto Rico over a period of about 2½ years. Then after a period of about 1½ years of non-service, the Morning Star entered into her current phase of missionary service.

She is now being used in the Lord's service by the Hellenic Ministries in the Mediterranean area, touching some of the same areas visited by the Apostle Paul during his New Testament missionary travels. The Morning Star continues to be used extensively as a tool for evangelism in fulfillment of the Great Commission. In 2010 the Morning Star sailboat was donated by Global Youth Evangelism to Hellenic Ministries for their continued use in the Mediterranean area. She still faithfully serves the One who berthed the vision to build her and waits the coming of her name sake The Bright and Morning Star! (Rev. 22:16) Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus. 


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