History & Vision


The vision of Global Youth Evangelism and its associated out reaches, had its origin in the late 1950s in a small mountain house church near Los Gatos, California. In a miraculous move of God, the Holy Spirit began to touch and call men and women to a renewed commitment to experience the reality of the presence of the living God. 


In 1961, after construction of new facilities, the vision of world evangelism began to unfold. Following the scriptural pattern (Acts 1:8), the church body began to reach out to the local and nearby communities through a weekly radio broadcast and through "Released Time Evangelism" in the public schools. As young people responded to the move of God, the church helped sponsor "Youth Invasions" throughout Northern California under what was called: “Teenage Evangelism.


Then in the early 1970s, in response to an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit on young people in the drug culture, an intensive  one year Bible School was established. This was started in order to train and disciple young Christians in Christian living and Kingdom principals for future service and ministry. Before long the missionary vision of GYE began to become more established and members of the congregation became involved in an outreach to Mexican immigrant workers. In order to increase the effectiveness of the ministry by transcending denominational boundaries, Global Youth Evangelism was incorporated June 1, 1965. In the late sixties the Holy Spirit began to direct the development of an international ministry through the establishment of missionary training centers at Los Gatos, California and in Guadalajara, Mexico.


The years 1976 and 1977 ushered in a aspect of ministry as Global Youth Evangelism built and launched a 68 foot, steel hulled, staysail schooner, the Morning Star, to be used as a missionary boat primarily in the South Pacific islands. After two extensive tours in the South Pacific, the Morning Star was recalled and was used to transport tons of discipleship materials into Central and South America. Since the mid-eighties the Morning Star has been used in the Mediterranean area under the auspices of Hellenic Ministries of Athens, Greece. For further information and current ministry of the Morning Star missionary boat, refer to our "Missions Page".


In 1979 the leadership of Global Youth Evangelism decided to offer the Christian Worker Bible Study Series on a national level. Previously these studies were only used within GYE's own ministry. Before long the number of studies was expanded and they were translated into Spanish. In just a few short years tens of thousands of individuals, many pastors and missionaries were using these materials to train their people for ministry service. In the mid-eighties with the completion of new printing facilities and increasing publication of the Christian Worker Bible Series, it was decided to transfer Global Youth Evangelism's Headquarters from Los Gatos to Orland, California. Orland California is now home for the Christian Worker Bible Study Series, the House of Prayer church and Global Bible Institute.


In 1995, in response to the desire and need of many who want to be part of a formal educational process, Global Bible Institute was established and offers Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Theology degrees in Biblical Studies through the Living Light International Foundation of Burlington, IA. This educational distance program enables Christians to further their ministry training at their own location under the direct supervision of one's own pastor. For additional information about the Global Bible Institute, click on the GBI icon above. 


Our vision in those early days was limited in scope some might say. We were just a small group of people who had a hunger for more of God and wanted to serve Him to the fullest, and in our hearts there seemed to be a knowledge that God would use us in ministry if we could just be foolish enough to trust Him. The scriptures Micah 4:1,2 and Isaiah 2:2,3 became so real that we felt that somehow that which started in that little house church in the heart of the Santa Cruz mountains would flow unto the nations of the world. Our hearts are rejoicing in the faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ. That small seed planted in the hearts of God's people so long ago is increasingly becoming a reality as God is using the GYE ministry to spread the good news into many nations of the world.


From those early days to the present, the vision of making disciples and mentoring workers has continued to develop through various steps and phases. One of the salient results of this process has been the continued development of The Christian Worker Bible Study Series©. In 1979 GYE began to publish and distribute The Christian Worker Bible Study Series in the U. S. to pastors and their churches. The slogan: "Start Your Mini-Bible School Today!" became a concept and vision adapted by many pastors and ministry leaders. More than a few pastors caught the vision of using these Bible studies to locally train and disciple their people in their own local churches. These discipleship materials are now being used by tens of thousands in the U. S. A. and internationally by many organizations in the training of their national workers in over 70 countries around the globe.